A full day SUV tour

A full day SUV tour in 4×4 Land Rover in which you cover 1/5 of the scenic island of Kefalonia. Be closer to nature and the elements with alternative ways to see the fantastic island of Kefalonia. Get of the usual tourist trail and and experience archaeological sites, old villages , ancient ruins, various caves, ancient tombs and pre-earthquake architecture.


The National Park

Drive through  vineyards and olive grove sand travel through the National Park and its forest to the top of Mount Ainos where you will have breathtaking 360 degrees view of Kefalonia and the nearby island of Ithaka, Lefkas , Zante , Lefkas and the mainland Greece. See rare black fir trees (Abies Cephalonica) , the Viola Cephalonica, a flowers that is unique to Kefalonia and a 2000 years old olive tree. Search for the wild horses of  Mount Ainos and view other bird and other wildlife in their natural habitat.

While experiencing all this you will also learn about the history , culture and traditions of the island form our professional and knowledgeable guides. These trips can be organised to meet your needs, time and your level , they are not extreme trips as you decide your comfort lever. From 2-6 people.


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